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Established 2000

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Competing with Amazon and the Internet.

We try to match prices. But bear in mind ... an item bought on the Internet or from Amazon is not directly checked and set up. We will supply at a similar BTM 'boxed' price... unchecked and not set up and tuned!

The BTM shop price includes set up and tuning and any necessary advice.

We will continue to offer special prices and promotions.  

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Guitar Strings
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Music books, Giftware,
 and CDs

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Special offers and discounts continue ... 

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Music - miniature instruments all Half Price
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Brian Taylor Music is situated in Wootton Bassett’s thriving High Street situated opposite St Bartholomew’s Church,  and adjacent to Wootton Bassett’s High Street RED telephone box.  
So you can’t miss us!

So… look through our Website, look through our shop window, and visit us with new core opening hours listed below. Or email any requests.

If Music be the Food of Love ….. then come visit us!

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